Developmental Services

Children’s Developmental Services

Developmental services promote skill development for children and young adults, ages 3 through 21, who meet Idaho’s eligibility requirements for developmental disabilities programming. The goal of this service is to assist children and adolescents in acquiring functional, social, and coping skills. Goals and objectives are developed by the client, family, and staff. Services are reimbursable by Idaho Medicaid. These services are available in our Idaho Falls and Salmon offices.

Developmental services may include:

Behavior Intervention involves one-on-one skills training with a trained professional.  Behavior Interventionists teach replacement behaviors while discouraging maladaptive behaviors. This service can take place in the home or the community.

Family Training is designed to help family members learn effective intervention techniques.

Community Based Supports help children explore areas of interest and engage in social and recreational activities.

Interdisciplinary Training is a team-oriented service that involves service coordination and training to better equip multidisciplinary providers  to meet the unique needs of the individual.

Respite Care offers support for caregivers and children by providing temporary supervision services. 

Services Coordinators work with clients to ensure the following needs are met

  • Basic needs
  • Medical needs
  • Health & Safety needs
  • Therapeutic needs
  • Educational needs
  • Social/Community needs
  • Personal needs
  • Family needs/supports
  • Legal needs
  • Financial needs

Targeted Service Coordination and Plan Development

Targeted Service Coordination is a program designed to assist adults with developmental disabilities.  Service Coordinators link, monitor, and coordinate services for adult clients, ensuring that the clients’ services are intact and needs are met. Service Coordinators work cooperatively with clients and their families/caregivers to ensure needs are met in the following areas:  Basic Needs, Medical Needs, Health & Safety Needs, Therapeutic Needs, Educational Needs, Social/Community Integration Needs, Personal Needs, Family Needs/Supports, Legal Needs, and Financial Needs.

In accordance with the regulations of the Idaho Medicaid program, The Plan Developer creates an annual service plan and budget that outlines the participant’s services and the amount of funding each service is allocated. These services are reimbursable by Idaho Medicaid. Service Coordination and plan development are offered at the HDD Salmon location.


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