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What to Expect from Couples Therapy

By March 24, 2023Blog

What to Expect from Couples Therapy

No matter how good your relationship is with your significant other, it is natural for disagreements and problems to arise. Because we are all humans, we will not see eye to eye in every situation. When these difficulties arise, there are different things that you as a couple can do to help their relationship through hard times. One of these things includes couples therapy. Sometimes, the thought of going to couples therapy can seem to be very intimidating, and that fear will prevent people from going to see a counselor. There is no need to be scared of what it will be like at your couples counseling session. In this blog post, we will be going over what you can expect from a couples therapy appointment.

You Will Meet the Therapist Together

On your first couples therapy appointment, both you and your partner will meet your therapist together, rather than both of you meeting the therapist alone. For the most part of the couples counseling sessions, you will meet with the counselor together except for a couple of sessions where you will meet with the counselor individually. The first session of the couples counseling session will set the stage of how the couples counseling will go, as the both of you will have to feel comfortable sharing your relationship difficulties and the relationship history with your therapist.

Address the History of Difficulties in the Relationship

In order for the therapist to help the relationship, it is critical that the history of the difficulties in the relationship is addressed. The therapist will want to know the main problem that are occurring in the relationship, and what often causes stress. In many relationships, common stress factors include finances, deciding how to raise children, intimacy issues, or even communication issues. No matter what problems you have in your relationship, it is critical that the counselor knows what the situation is so that they can give you the tools that will help you improve your relationship.

Setting Goals

Without goals, there cannot be progress made in anything. Relationships are no exception to that. In therapy, you will set goals with the counselor and your partner so that you both can work through all of the problems in your relationship. These goals will help you and your partner feel more connected and united, as you both will be working together to help improve your relationship. In your first session, it can be difficult to know what your goals should be. Your counselor will guide you through the goal setting process, so that you can set goals that will help the relationship.


For therapy sessions to be successful, vulnerability is essential. It is important that your fears, pains, and embarrassment about your relationship is addressed. The only way that you and your partner will learn how to work through your relationship is if all of the difficult topics are addressed. In the beginning of your couples counseling experience, you may feel inclined to withhold information, because you may feel as though you may not completely trust your therapist. But it is important to remember that vulnerability is the only way that you will be able to see progress in your relationship.


Although trying new things can feel scary, couples therapy does not have to be that way. As you know what to expect from a couples counseling session, you will know what will happen, and that will help both you and your partner feel comfortable while there. All About You Therapy Services wants to help you and your partner work through your difficulties. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!